Our vision is revolutionary and our mission is global


Sometimes you need to wait for technology
to catch up with a great idea. And then you need the stars to align to make it happen.

Clear began as Digiteyez Technologies in 2019 and is the result of over 15 years research, learning and testing.

CEO, Brandon Zimmerman, a former NASA optical physicist, developed the first algorithms with the aim of supporting optical professionals in-clinic.

But then, we all know what happened next. The pandemic arrived and with the encouragement of optical professionals across the industry, we pivoted to a tele-optometry solution.

Our patented algorithms can now model the eyes and simulate vision, allowing us to personalize individual prescriptions. We’re able to generate a totally new prescription or update an old one, anywhere and at any time.

This means we can support optical professionals in-clinic and
we can give customers an accurate remote eye test. Yes, this is a commercial product and we want to partner with optical retailers big and small to optimise the omnichannel experience.

But we also believe we can help the 2 billion people in the World who need some form of vision correction and have no access to glasses or contact lenses.

We’d love you to join us on our journey. Get in touch.