Dr Brandon Zimmerman, PhD.
Chief Executive Officer
March 23, 2022

Clear and Selectspecs announce a pioneering partnership

Clear and Selectspecs announce a pioneering partnership
Clear and Selectspecs announce a pioneering partnership, connecting optical care to customers through a ground-breaking digital eye test, all from the comfort of home.

The agreement will bring together Clear’s cutting edge digital eye test technology and one of the largest online eyewear retailers in the UK.

The partnership harnesses the power of Clear’s algorithmically driven eye test to deliver an enhanced, frictionless shopping experience to SelectSpecs customers. With this integration, Clear continues to push boundaries, pioneering a brand new field of optical science; the digital eye.  With enhanced customer awareness and appetite for digital eye tests, SelectSpecs will lead in providing a fast and convenient way to update a glasses prescription.

Digital technology has revolutionized shopping, modern medicine and space travel, yet how we test our eye sight remains unchanged. Reports show that consumers find the traditional eye test expensive,  inconvenient and time-consuming. As a result, 50% of the vision population skip their recommended annual eye test 1 , while an estimated 2.5 billion don’t have access to it at all 2. In addition the Covid-19 pandemic has not only driven the rapid adoption of telehealth services across the broader health sector, but demonstrated the benefits of digital visual acuity and refraction solutions to an optical industry that has lagged behind other sectors in the adoption of technology 3. By 2050 more than half the world will need glasses 4 and Clear’s pioneering technology will help optometrists and consumers alike, by putting flexible, accessible and affordable eye care into the hands of those who need it most.

US-based Clear Eye Test was founded in 2019 by former-NASA optical physicist, Dr Brandon Zimmerman, PhD;  and is the world’s first digital solution enabling optical prescriptions. Using advanced optical modeling and Fourier mathematics , Clear enables an accurate calculation and simulation of a customers’ optical prescription and 20/20 visual performance.

"The co-founders, Carole Egerton, Ian Moore and I would like to thank Tony and the SelectSpecs team for embracing my life’s work and welcoming Clear into their outstanding organization. Our partnership is the next step in creating unprecedented access to prescription eye care. Digital optometry is the only way we can improve eye care services around the world and ensure our eyes keep up with the digital health revolution. Our platform empowers optometrists and consumers with a faster, more convenient and affordable approach to 20/20 vision. We can’t wait to get started!"

"We’re very excited to work alongside Dr Brandon Zimmerman and his team with such a pioneering approach to an eye test. The optical profession needs the modernity of products like Clear to take the essential steps that will lead the way for the future of online eye exams."

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