Our Mission 🚀

Hello. We’re Clear, a pioneering vision technology company on a mission to revolutionize global eyecare.

We are making high quality eyecare accessible, affordable and enjoyable for everyone in the world.

We’re creating a virtual ecosystem for eyecare

We are shifting the focus of eyecare from reactive to proactive. With human eyesight worsening at a rapid rate, we need sustainable solutions that can help customers and eyecare professionals check and measure vision frequently and more easily.

This is why we’re combining technology with human optical expertise, to create all-in-one eyecare from any device. We believe this is the eyecare model of the future.

How do we make eyecare accessible and affordable?

To make eyecare more affordable, we combine AI with optical physics and digital optometry to deliver accurate eye test results and tools for optical professionals to manage eyecare efficiently, confidently and remotely.

To make eyecare more accessible, our technology can be delivered through any digital device, one-day maybe even your TV.

We’re a unique team of optical scientists, engineers, doctors and retailers

Our global team brings together over 20 years of experience in vision science, optical physics, engineering and optometry to build the eyecare solutions of tomorrow. Our team thrives on innovation, rapid iteration and ambitious creation.

How do we combine optical physics, optometry and technology for better eyecare?

We believe technology can transform eyecare for the better. This is why we’ve developed patented, pioneering eye models that are capable of capturing three times as many indicators about individual human vision than the traditional eye test.

These indicators are not only capable of accurately calculating sight progression, but can predict vision degradation and spot eye disease earlier, allowing for better intervention and condition management.

Hello, we are Clear

A pioneering vision technology company on a mission to revolutionize global eyecare.

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