The Founding Team

20 years of optical experience 🧠

Our founding team has over 20 years combined experience in
optical science and the eyecare sector. The idea for Clear has been long in the making and we are so excited to bring our technology to market. We love to connect and share ideas, so please reach out.
We can’t wait to chat.

Dr Brandon Zimmerman. PhD.

Chief Executive Officer

Our CEO, Dr. Brandon Zimmerman has a PhD, Masters and Bachelors degree from the University of Rochester’s Institute of Optics, in Optical Sciences and Engineering. Brandon spent 10 years working as an Optical Physicist at NASA Goddard Space Centre, before founding Clear in 2019.

Brandon’s passion for optical science began in high school, where he was inspired to create a vision science platform with a worldwide economic, social and scientific impact. He also champions the platform’s ability to represent and uplift first generation and underrepresented minorities and people of color in STEM education and careers.

Brandon has a lifelong commitment to the optical community and with purpose, has spearheaded the opportunity for Clear to pioneer a new global eye care solution for all.

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Carole Egerton

Chief Product Officer

CPO, Carole Egerton, is a passionate product and marketing professional with 15+ years’ experience in multi-channel businesses, start-ups, disruptive technology and challenger brands.

Carole built Glasses Direct (MyOptique Group), Europe’s first online prescription glasses retailer, over 7 years, with Founder, Jamie Murray Wells, exiting to Essilor in 2016. She pioneered the now industry-standard, home trial system, launched the first virtual try-on for eyewear and has long-championed technology for its ability to deliver superior customer experiences in the eyecare sector.

Carole has worked extensively in optics and health technology and is committed to delivering best-in-class, compelling product and customer experiences. At Clear, Carole leads product, marketing and customer experience, working with the team to bring the next generation of optical technology to customers worldwide.

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Ian Moore

Chief Operating Officer

COO, Ian Moore is a growth marketing expert, who spent the first 7 years of his career agency side, before moving to The New York Times, as Director of Growth Media Strategy and then Head of Subscriptions Growth at Verizon Wireless.

Ian’s corporate leadership experience with growth models, digital marketing and subscription services, at influential and Fortune 50 digital businesses, allows him to uniquely serve Clear at the highest executive and creative levels. Here at Clear, Ian leads team operations, go-to-market strategy and user growth.

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