Our Technology

Revolutionizing eyecare by empowering optical professionals and customers alike with scalable tools to test eyes and manage sight virtually.

We want to make high quality eyecare accessible, affordable and enjoyable for everyone in the world. And to do that we’re combining optical physics, optometry, A.I. and vision science with the latest technology to deliver powerful virtual tools simulating the bespoke vision of a customer from any device. This is what makes us so different from any other virtual eye test solution.

Our technology was born in space

Clear CEO, Dr Brandon Zimmerman, PhD, whilst working for NASA designing robot eyes for the international space station realised, if he could mathematically simulate vision in million dollar robots, why couldn’t we use similar techniques on our eyes back home.

Our powerful novel algorithms digitize the traditional eye test process, removing reliance on specialized in-clinic hardware and overhead.

Digital technology is the only way we can improve eyecare services around the world, it's our mission to create unprecedented access to prescription eyecare.

Our digital eye creates a bespoke model of the human eye by combining optometry, optical physics, computer and vision science into a single platform.

By creating individualised models of each eye, we are able to calculate not just visual acuity but clinically accurate optical prescriptions, without the need for a prior prescription nor human input.

We’re part of the optical and vision science community

Whether it be LASIK surgery, the autorefractor, wavefront aberrometer or phoropter, the most trusted medical devices used by your local optometrist and ophthalmologist have been pioneered from the minds of optical physicists, optical scientists and optical engineers. Led by our very own optical physicist and chief executive officer, Dr. Brandon Zimmerman (PhD), our science team continues to ensure that our physics approach to optical technology is incomparable to other tele-optometry solutions.

Our long standing relationship with the University of Rochester's Institute of Optics allows us to work alongside leading institutions such as the Center for Visual Sciences and the Flaum Eye Institute, surrounding ourselves with the best research minds in optical and vision science.

Hello, we are Clear

A pioneering vision technology company on a mission to revolutionize global eyecare.

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