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The world's first digital solution, enabling optical prescriptions



Our core product.

Our patented algorithms model your eye and simulate your vision, allowing us to personalize your prescription.

We’ll give you a brand new prescription or update an old one, from anywhere, anytime.

How it works.



Make sure you are comfortable and have enough space to take the test.

You’ll be guided every
step of the way.



Ensure you follow the onboarding instructions, watch our video and get into position.

Say 'start test' and listen to the instructions.


the Test

Now, simply answer
‘clear’ or ‘not clear’.

Our algorithms will model your eye and calculate your prescription based on your answers.


Get your prescription

We'll send your prescription to
you within minutes.

Now you can shop for your glasses or contact lenses anywhere you like*.

*Clear is intended to check the quality of your vision to provide information related to your visual acuity without replacing the opinion of a trained professional. Clear is not intended to diagnose or monitor any disease or condition.

The Science.

User-friendly test responses allow our optical algorithms to take advantage of key prescription factors, making Clear the first tele-refraction platform delivering in-clinic results.

We are pioneering a brand new scientific field. Traditional telemedicine eye tests assess change in a patient’s visual acuity over time by asking the customer to distinguish several letters and shapes in the range of their current prescription.

With a simple response of “clear” or “not clear”, Clear is the first telemedicine platform that digitally optimizes multiple prescription factors including: visual acuity, contrast, pupil size, accommodation, binocular balancing and more, in order to deliver clinically verified 20/20 prescriptions.

Our Data.

In the cloud.

Our optical algorithms are based in the Cloud, allowing us to call on them from anywhere in the world.

This means we can deliver fast, accurate prescription results anywhere, at any time.

Our AI-powered technology also uses data to learn, improving test speeds and results incrementally.


I do not have my old prescription, can I still use Clear?
Absolutely! Our solution has been specifically designed and tested for patients with no original prescription.
I have a really strong prescription, can you give me a prescription?
Our technology has successfully validated prescriptions up to -8 diopters.
Do I still need to visit an eye doctor/optician?
Clearx is not a substitute for a full eye exam, and we recommend you visit your optometrist for a full assessment of the health of your overall eye.