Our products

We’re combining technology with human optical expertise, to create all-in-one eyecare from any device. We believe this is the eyecare model of the future.

Clear Refine

Keep your eye doctors in the loop

Our Clear Refine platform combines the power of our eye test with an easy-to-use solution for optical professionals to refine and check prescriptions remotely.

Drive prescription growth and efficiency for your practice with increased capacity and an accessible virtual solution for your patients.

Good for:

ECP networks
Higher regulation markets

Clear Rx

All-in-one eyecare from any device

Clear Rx solution is a standalone clinically accurate eye test that can be taken on any device, requiring no prior prescription nor input from an optical professional.

Clear Rx is the first technology to be able to accurately calculate an optical prescription from scratch and is currently undergoing classification as a De Novo Class II software as a medical device.

Good for:

Online retailers
Lower regulation markets
Plug-and-play solution for AR/VR market
Tunable focus lens solutions
Smart eyewear market

Clear Infinity

Taking eye testing where it has never been before

Our device-agnostic approach allows us to directly send optical data to future hardware and new technologies.

Good for:

AR/VR hardware
Tunable focus lenses
Gaming & media platforms

Clear Eye Health

Proactive eye disease diagnostics

Our patented approach to eye testing captures more than 10 individual factors about each eye, allowing us to spot eye disease earlier and help to shift the eyecare of tomorrow from reactionary to proactive.

Clear can flag for a number of eye diseases, including Macular Degeneration, Dry Eye, Glaucoma and Amblyopia. We work with leading providers to put in place efficient referral pathways for those at risk of eye disease.

Good for:

Myopia management
Eye Hospitals
Specialist ECPs

Hello, we are Clear

A pioneering vision technology company on a mission to revolutionize global eyecare.

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